Slode Headquarters is a pathetically small DIY-label focusing mainly on punk rock/hardcore. It was founded as Slode Records in 1990. Along the years we have released some records and fanzines and sometimes maintained a small distro.

Slode HQ is mostly a one man show, but there have been several co-operators from time to time.

Due to limited financial resources Slode HQ is able to release stuff only every now and then. Things might move slowly but there are actually lots of releases in the pipeline – and they will see the light of the day eventually. Please don't send us demos cause you'll only be disappointed!!!

Slode HQ releases are distributed mainly hand-to-hand, so you propably won't find them outside Finland that easily. Try Finnish distributors or order straight from us – check out the For sale section.

Any distributional help is appreciated! Slode Headquarters is a non-profit label and our prices are quite fair.

Due to the financial realities our pressings are very limited. If the stocks allow it, we can trade our stuff with yours in small quantities - but only if it's good or interesting enough so we can actually sell it to someone!

© Slode Headquarters 2009