Kaivosurma was formed in summer 1998 by the brothers Kalle and Markku. We had done some ultra-primitive hardcore tapes back in 1986-1987 and over ten years later it suddenly seemed like a good idea to do some more of the same stuff again. To our surprise these new crude 4-track tapes actually sounded quite good and somehow it came to our minds that it would be a fun idea to let others hear this stuff too. So "Saatanan lampaat" 7"EP came out in 2000. After that we did some more tapes and released the second 7"EP "Bronstein" in 2001. For the most part the early songs were improvised while recording. Only some of the lyrics were written beforehand. We didn't practise or write the songs, just pressed [rec] and blasted away.

Kaivosurma MK II was born in 2003 as we hired Janne as a guitar player, and started practising and writing new songs. The days of improvisation were over and we started writing songs like any other band. Soon Mikko joined in as a drummer and we became a four-piece band. With this line-up we our first live gigs in 2006. One demo was also recorded but sadly never finished and these recordings seem to have been lost. Only surviving audio document can be found on "Hahmotushäiriö Live" compilation tape released by Shitsuck Tapes.

In 2008 the four-piece line-up went on hiatus since rehearsing became too much of a hassle. From that point on the focus has been on studio work. Two ep's (Revisionistit and Lootin vaimo EP's) and one demo (KS-3000) has materialized from these sessions. As in early 2014 the recordings for the debut 12" are still in progress. Also several 7"EP projects are in the pipe line.

The live line-up will be re-activated when the time is right. Maybe when the first album comes out?


Saatanan lampaat 7"EP (2000) Slode Headquarters
Bronstein 7"EP (2001) Slode Headquarters
Porttiteoria 7"EP (2010) Hardware & Righteous Fuck
Revisionistit 7"EP (2012) Slode Headquarters
Lootin Vaimo 7"EP (2013) Bat Shit Records

+ two tracks on "Hahmotushäiriö" compilation LP (2006) Kissankusi Records
+ a whole live set on "Hahmotushäiriö Live" tape (2007) Shitsuck Tapes
+ tracks on "Finland Bombs Russia" compilation EP and "Hardcore '013" compilation LP.

Saatanan lampaatBronsteinHQ-08Lootin vaimo
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