Back To Normal was formed in late 1991. B To N was a true punk rock band from the start: 75 % of the band hadn't played in a real band before and no-one really had a clue how to write songs. Somehow, however, we managed to write loads of songs, release two ep's plus one cd as well as do several dozen gigs (including supporting slots for Offspring, All, Pennywise etc.) and even gain some minor following. Not bad for a bunch of no-goods, eh?

Melodic up-tempo punk rock was what Back To Normal was all about. Our main inspiration were bands like All, Descendents, Snuff, Leatherface and early Bad Religion. Mind you, it was time before Green Day, Offspring and bands like that became popular so there were only a handful of bands in Finland who played that sort of music.

Just as we were learning the hard way how to write good songs and how to play at least a little better, thing started to dry down and the band dissolved. The last gig was in December 1996. The main reason was propably the fact that no matter how good stuff we did no one really seemed to care.

There has been talk about a new band or a reunion and shit like that every now and then but nothing has ever materialized. And propably never will. Don't hold your breath.

Some band photos


"BACK TO NORMAL" 7"EP (Slode HQ, 1992)
"BODY LANGUAGE" double 7"EP (Slode HQ, 1993)
"MONEY & HEALTH" CD (Slode HQ, 1995)
"Looking Through" on "HEADQUARTERS" compilation 7"EP (Slode HQ, 1992)


JOOPMAN - guitar
TEEPMAN - vocals
MARQUEE - drums
MIKKOE - bass (1991-1995)
MR. BENSON - guitar (1992 + on and off)
JAPA - guitar (1993-1994)
MASA THE BROKEN LEG - guitar (1996)
BABAR - bass (1996)

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